Own tablets welcome

16:00, Nov 12 2012
TABLET FUN: Yannick Lange, 9, and Ryan Harden, 10, of Torbay School play on their iPads.

A $200,000 technology infrastructure overhaul will see Torbay School encourage its 9 and 10-year-olds to bring their own devices into the classroom.

It is not compulsory, principal Wendy Sandifer says, but the new wireless system means students can bring in their own tablets, such as iPads, to work on.

Students without devices will continue to be included by using Torbay School's resources, she says.

Torbay received the boost as part of the Ministry of Education's school network upgrade project in 2010, she says.

There has been a "mixed response" to the initiative but the aim is to enhance learning for its students, Ms Sandifer says.

Extra safety precautions have been taken, such as locking away the devices at play time, as many parents are concerned about them being broken or stolen, Ms Sandifer says.


Deputy Principal Katie Hills says easier sharing with family and friends is one of the reasons devices are being introduced.

The BYO device pilot is currently on trial in one classroom, she says.

Torbay students Ryan Harden, 10, and Yannick Lange, 9, bring their own iPads to school and say it saves time lining up for a computer in the school labs.

"I thought it was quite cool, a bit different," Ryan says.

"It's just easier than using a computer," he says.

Writing, completing tests and homework and making movies are some of the activities the students have completed so far.

A decision on the initative will be made in December.

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