Hail hits Murrays Bay

03:31, Nov 13 2012
murrays bay hail
HAIL HITS: Helen Penman says the hail which hit her friend's Murrays Bay property was 'as big as large chickpeas'.

North Shore woman Helen Penman sent this photo of hail in the backyard of a friend's Murrays Bay house.

She says the hail pieces are "as big as large chickpeas" and have coated the backyard in what looks like snow.

"I haven't seen it come down like that before. It is unbelievable, it looks as thick as snow," Mrs Penman says.

Three consecutive hail storms starting at around 3.30pm prevented her from leaving the home by car as she waited for the storm to pass.

"It came down so heavily I didn't want to leave," she says.


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