Plans kept under wraps

19:27, Nov 14 2012
Strand plans
VIEW SHAFT: The proposed $250 million development would have a view from Hurstmere Rd through to Takapuna Beach.

Details of the plan to realign The Strand are being kept under wraps by Auckland Council but the North Shore Times understands the project involves realigning the road to run from the Takapuna Library straight to the Takapuna Boating Club, replacing beachfront car parking with reserve land and putting in an underground car park.

But concerns about the possible cost of the project and whether those in the community back the idea are being voiced.

"Do people in Takapuna really want this road realigned and a bigger reserve?" Devonport Takapuna Local Board member Jan O'Connor says.

An indicative budget of $36 million was outlined for "The Strand realignment (including car park, streetscape and acquisitions)" in the council's draft long-term plan earlier this year.

Mr Copson predicts a project of this magnitude could cost more than $100m.

As a resident and ratepayer wonders if this is money well spent.


Plans for the area will not be made public until March next year.

The North Shore Times put forward questions to the council communication team regarding the details of the plan and received a statement in reply.

Our questions:

1. Have any preliminary costings been done for the proposal to realign The Strand? If so what is the indicative budget for the proposal?

2. The draft long-term plan proposed indicative funding of $36m for the project. If the costs were to exceed this where would the money come from?

3. How much new reserve land are they hoping to create if the proposal goes through?

Their answer:

"Auckland Council says a number of options are being explored in this early stage of the planning and public consultation is being, and will continue to be, undertaken."

North Shore Times