Rules for dogs to change

Local boards will be given the power to review rules on dogs' access to beaches.

An overhaul of dog policies and bylaws by Auckland Council attracted more than 10,000 submissions and beach access was a hot topic.

Hearings committee chairwoman Noelene Raffils says the proposed changes reflect a balance between the needs of dog owners and public safety.

"It would be safe to say that while, in general, there was support for a region-wide approach, the proposed standard time and season was unpopular with dog owners who questioned restrictions in winter, for example, when beaches were empty," Ms Raffills says.

The committee has recommended to the government body that:

Local boards review of dog access rules including times and season before making any changes.

Current time and season dog access rules remain in place until each local board completes its review.

A region-wide standard summer time and season on specified beaches runs from 10am till 5pm between Labour Weekend and March 1.

That there is no standard winter time and season.

Local boards have the power to decide which beaches the standard summer time and season will apply to.

The new rules are recommended to come into effect from July 2013.

North Shore Times