Meal a breeze for star

16:00, Nov 15 2012
Simon and Meg
GOURMET GURUS: Their favourite kind of meal, simple but tasty, says Simon of his eye-fillet steak and blue vein cheese main.

A whirlwind year of cooking and entertaining has kept our favourite Kiwi "foodies" busy after their My Kitchen Rules adventure.

Simon Yandall and Meg Dangan were chosen as the cameo New Zealand team pitted against the Aussies for the hugely popular reality cooking show.

Filming wrapped up late last year in Australia but the pair had to keep mum about the results until the show aired in New Zealand.

Simon and Meg
FOODIE HEAVEN: The couple still love cooking and since filming have been busy doing demonstrations and entertaining friends.

But this didn't stop Simon and Meg's rising popularity as dinner party hosts for family and friends.

"We have cooked for so many people this year," Meg says.

"Everyone's happy to come over for dinner but nobody will cook for us."


The self-confessed foodies still enjoy putting on a great meal and sharing their love of good food.

They helped open the newest Nosh gourmet foodstore on Constellation Dr earlier this week with a demonstration of their signature style of at-home gourmet.

Simon was in charge of the pan, dishing up eye-fillet steak with melted blue vein cheese on mashed potatoes with silverbeet and semi-dried tomatoes.

Meg took over the dessert with a white chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis - a recipe she'd tested out over the weekend for her family.

Both were "relaxed as" cooking for the crowd, a far cry from their time on the show with the pressure of celebrity chefs Manu Fieldel and Pete Evans and millions of viewers eyeing their every move.

"Everyone said ‘hey you guys are so relaxed and work so well together but we actually had code words for when things got out of hand'," Simon says.

"I think it was ‘pass the salt' which actually meant back off."

Meg admits she was always the perfectionist and Simon was the one watching the clock giving the hurry-up. And despite what people might think there were no TV tricks or cheating, Simon says, and the contestants really did have to decide on the spot what to cook for challenges.

"We had to have a repertoire of about 30 recipes for every challenge, it was tough."

Simon and Meg didn't make the finals but they did New Zealand proud - well, except for completely ruining our national dish, Meg says.

"I made pavlova once after the show to prove I can do it and then never, ever again," she says.

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