Road upgrade plans unfair to other areas says chairman

Dedicating more than $600,000 to fixing Greenhithe's notorious Tauhinu Rd over 2 years means other Upper Harbour projects will be ignored, Noel Rugg says.

The chairman of the Herald Island Residents and Ratepayers Association told Upper Harbour Local Board it is playing favourites by proposing to dedicate2 years' capital funding to the upgrade.

But chairwoman Margaret Miles denies the claim.

She says safety for pedestrians on Tauhinu Rd makes it a priority project.

The board asked Auckland Transport in September if it could use its entire capital funding of $337,066 for the year for transport to upgrade it.

A second or third years funding for it was also floated.

The proposal is still being investigated.

Tauhinu Rd has several major safety hazards such as its narrow width, lack of footpaths and vision impairment from a dip in the road.

Mr Rugg says he speaks regularly with groups from Hobsonville, Whenuapai and Paremoremo and claims there are concerns other transport issues in those areas will be forgotten.

"They've let us down terribly," he says of the local board. "It's disgusting."

Herald Island's Ferry Pde and The Terrace are safety risks because they are narrow and need to be reshaped, he says. Residents are unable to park safely without being ticketed.

Mr Rugg says they will be neglected if all the funding disappears.

There should be rules around budget dedication for projects because "one little pocket is going to benefit" and it is unfair, he says.

"This is not a minor work, I don't care what it is. It's not democratic," he says.

Mrs Miles says the board has agreed it is a priority.

The board accepts Herald Island has narrow roads and thinks swales need to be installed, Mrs Miles says.

But "either way" it is a lose-lose for the board with the people, she says.

It "most definitely wasn't favouritism" and the board when through the "appropriate process in my view", she says.

Tauhinu Rd's upgrade was part of a committed project by the former North Shore City Council which Auckland Transport scrapped from its 10-year plan earlier this year.

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