Korean group a highlight

22:45, Nov 28 2012
TRADITIONAL TREAT: The Samulnori team performs at the Korean School of Auckland at Sunnybrae Normal School in Northcote on Saturday. With drums in the foreground are Jung Im Hee, left, and Kan Yook Yeom, right.

A traditional music display highlighted a concert at a Korean school in Northcote on Saturday.

The Korean School of Auckland, based at Sunnybrae Normal School, held a concert with its students, and the Samulnori team was the special guest.

The name means "four kinds of instrument".

The group was invited to perform at the students' concert and is based in Howick, where it performs every Wednesday at the Meadowland Korean Church.

Team member Chang Dong ‘Charlie' Choi says they have been performing together for two years, although some of members have been in New Zealand for about 20 years.

Auckland Korean School operates on Saturdays at Sunnybrae Normal School in Northcote.

Students are typically children of Korean families that have moved to New Zealand, or with a Korean parent.


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