Mysterious Eileen

22:41, Nov 28 2012
EILEEN'S THINGS: A Birkdale resident is trying to track down the owner of the personal items he found in his roof.

A Birkdale homeowner is on the hunt for a mysterious Eileen, whose belongings have been hidden in his roof for years.

The Verbena Rd resident found the items when he had his roof replaced in April.

A piece of paper was stuck on the beam above the items reading "Eileen's things".

The assortment includes 12 boxes, two suitcases, teacups, dolls and a couple of sheepskins.

Most of the boxes have Eileen written on them and a bundle of folders is marked "Eileen's Art".

In the months since the renovations the owner has been trying to track down Eileen and return her belongings.


"I went through the real estate agent and he said the person I bought it from has no idea whose things they are," the owner says.

"I did some more digging from the LIM and I think I found the right owner," he says.

He tried contacting Eileen Kaweman through Facebook but never received a reply.

He is hoping someone knows Eileen, who studied in Palmerston North, and can reunite her with her possessions.

If his search fails he will donate the books to a library and the rest of the items may end up in the next inorganic collection.

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