Pupils count cost of beach rubbish

23:42, Dec 05 2012
RUBBISH HUNT: Murrays Bay School students clean up the beach.

A cleanup expedition by one school has seen 126 cigarette butts, 252 pieces of plastic, 69 spent fireworks, 458 pieces of broken glass, 16 bits of paper, 12 pieces of clothing and 88 plastic bags removed from Murrays Bay Beach.

Four year 3 classes from Murrays Bay School visited the beach to learn about rubbish, where it comes from and where it goes.

Teacher Trish Best says the aim of the trip was to raise awareness of the impact rubbish, particularly plastic, has on the ocean.

The students wrote newspaper articles and produced a video clip to tell the community about the problem.

Murrays Bay is an Enviroschool and is committed to "empowering students to make decisions and take action towards a sustainable, healthy environment", Mrs Best says.

The students brought the rubbish back to school and sorted it into categories, before counting the items and taking photos. They explored whether beach cleanups solve the problem and what they could do to create change.


North Shore Times