Tee for a ton

16:00, Dec 10 2012
Jenna Hunter & Stephen Cowan
GOLFING MARATHON: North Shore Golf Club professionals Jenna Hunter and Stephen Cowan will be playing 100 holes of golf non-stop in support of a father and son both battling cancer.

Three golf professionals are about to play 100 holes non-stop to support a father and son both fighting cancer.

North Shore Golf Club professional Jenna Hunter is leading the fundraising event 100 Holes for Cancer to benefit Mark and Greg Andrews, husband and son to her South African cousin Kerry.

Mark was told he had a brain tumour three months ago, not long after his son Greg, 10, was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer synovial sarcoma.

Mark Andrews and family
Family fight: From left, father Mark Andrews, son Greg, 10, mother Kerry and son Sean.

Doctors are not expecting Greg to live past Christmas and so Mark has put off having brain surgery so he can spend time with him before he dies.

Miss Hunter says the family is struggling with mounting medical bills made worse since Mark, the sole income earner, was forced to give up work.

"If we can reach our goal it will mean so much to the family. Not only is it the medical expenses, but they are also having to consider funeral and burial costs as well. That stuff you don't think about and they're finding it incredibly hard."


Jenna Hunter & Stephen Cowan
PRO FUNDRAISER North Shore Golf Club professionals Jenna Hunter and Stephen Cowan are preparing to play 13 hours of non-stop golf to fundraise for a father and son both battling cancer.

The trio, including fellow North Shore Golf Club professional Stephen Cowan and Richard Bath of Russley

Golf Course in Christchurch, have raised more than $5000 towards their overall aim of $10,000 in just three weeks.

"Knowing a family member has terminal cancer is bad enough, I have no comprehension of what it would be like to have two family members in that position," Mr Cowan says.

Proceeds from silent auctions and individual donations are being collected in the lead-up to the event on December 17.

"One friend said they will give me $10 for every birdie I make. I'm waiting for someone to offer $1000 for a hole-in-one," Miss Hunter says.

"We've got plenty of opportunity to do it with 100 holes to play."

The North Shore Golf Club will be closed for the day as estimates it could take up to 13 hours to complete what is the equivalent of five-and-a-half rounds.

Participants will cover a total course distance of 44km on foot followed by a golf cart carrying their clubs and refreshments.

Course rules will be relaxed allowing the golfers to wear running gear instead of the usual golfing attire, Miss Hunter says.

"I'm pretty nervous. I'm not really cardio fit so Steve might need to give me a piggy back for the last few holes."

The event is open to anyone who wishes to support the cause.

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