Man robs burglar of liberty

A burglar caught in the early hours of the morning was detained by a resident in his driveway as his wife called police.

The Mairangi Bay couple was woken by noises in their garage at around 1am on November 1 before the husband then confronted a suspect, police say.

North Shore police area commander Inspector Les Paterson says a suspect was held by the couple until police arrived.

A second person leaving the area in a vehicle was stopped by police as they headed to the scene, he says.

A toolbox, containing items belonging to the residents, was later found stashed under a tree near the property.

Two Birkenhead men in their 20s have been arrested. They were due to appear in the North Shore District Court last week.

Police have praised the quick thinking of the residents.

"Normally we would not recommend confronting an offender on your property in the dead of night," Mr Paterson says.

But he says the man assessed the situation carefully and knew what he was doing.

North Shore Times