Gifts come early for Dezmon

16:00, Dec 20 2012
SANTA HAS ARRIVED: Bayswater youngster Dezmon Carew, 4, opens a present from the Motat Christmas charity drive with dad Mike.

Santa has come early for paralysed youngster Dezmon Carew, 4, and his family who are recipients of gifts from the Motat charity drive.

A car accident in October 2009 left Dezmon, then 15 months old, with a broken neck and unable to move from the chest down.

He had a six-month stay in Starship Hospital before the family moved from Taihape to Bayswater so it could be near The Wilson Home where Dezmon is continuing with his rehabilitation.

Mum Constance Towler says speech language therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy has helped Dezmon regain some mobility.

"He has become a lot stronger. When we started there he had no muscle tone at all and couldn't sit up by himself. Now he can sit up and hold himself there, he can use all different kinds of chairs and his speech is much better as well."

The move north has been hard going but necessary for Dezmon to access the support he needs, dad Mike Carew says.


"We went from being full-on farmers to townies. It took me two-and-a-half years to find another job.

"But everything that is best for Dez is here so we had no choice."

This year the family, including youngest daughter Brooklyn, 3, will miss out on the big Christmas gathering in Taihape.

But gifts from Motat and partner charity Barnardos mean it can still share in the Christmas spirit, Ms Towler says.

Barnardos service manager Alistair Houson says it is a privilege to pass gifts on to truly deserving families.

"It takes the pressure of them around this time as well. We know they will really enjoy them and so it is an honour to be invited into their home to share in it."

Motat visitors can donate a Christmas present from the Motat gift shop in exchange for free admission. The gifts will be given to Barnardos and the Auckland City Mission

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