Busker turns heads

16:00, Dec 20 2012
Busker NST
CROWD PLEASER: Busker Rebecca Nelson is bringing the sweet sound of music to the streets of Devonport.

Professional busker Rebecca Nelson has been welcomed by Devonport.

She moved up to the North Shore from Christchurch earlier this year.

Ms Nelson's voice has been turning heads all over the world and now from her spot on Victoria Rd she's stopping people in their tracks.

She was recently invited to sing at the Takapuna Rotary Club's Christmas event and says you'd be surprised how many opportunities come about from people hearing you sing on the street.

"It really is all about being in the right place at the right time in front of the right people," the 24-year-old classical singer says.

"And you never know what might be around the corner." Her dream of being a singer has led her to both London and Dublin where busking is serious business.


Over there are unwritten busking laws about where you can perform and for how long and of course the danger of having your money pinched.

It can be tough for a young lady in the male dominated world of fulltime busking, Ms Nelson says.

To make ends meet you often have to follow the summer around the world.

After the hustle and bustle of the United Kingdom she returned to New Zealand in 2010 to tour with classical crossover singer Will Martin, who grew up in Devonport.

Her plans to go back to London were put aside after the earthquakes in her home town Christchurch.

Fate then took her northward to Nelson where she again took to the streets and turned all the right heads.

In only a few months she'd recorded her debut album, Pure Imagination, and performed at the Theatre Royal.

Ms Nelson moved to Auckland seven months ago and remembering everything she'd heard from Will Martin decided to start performing on the streets of Devonport.

"Everyone here seems to really enjoy having a busker around," she says.

"I sing songs that everyone knows, and you learn pretty fast what people like - anything with the big notes."

And with her big notes Ms Nelson has big dreams, including performing the New Zealand national anthem when the All Blacks take on Ireland next year.

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