Be wary of burglars these holidays

Wily burglars may be waiting for a slip in home security to make some quick holiday acquisitions, police say.

Waitemata Police are warning home owners to take all precautions to keep their homes and belongings secure this holiday season.

North Shore Tactical Crime Unit acting sergeant Craig Jenkins says those who venture away from their homes should be most vigilant.

Even a quick drive to the dairy can create the perfect opening for opportunistic thieves to break into homes, Mr Jenkins says.

"Among the range of suggestions to avoid a burglary at your home or elsewhere is to make sure your vehicle and front door to your house is secure.

"If you are intending to be away for a lengthy period arrange for a close friend or family member to check your house. Vary the times during the day and night to carry out these security checks and if in doubt always ring triple one."

Prevention first should be a priority in your home these holidays, Mr Jenkins says.

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