Rapid growth a big worry for Grey Power director

18:48, Jan 28 2013

Auckland needs to rethink whether it can cope with a million more people and another 300,000 cars, Grey Power says.

Horrific traffic congestion at Long Bay this summer highlights the need for a "realistic assessment" of planned growth and housing intensification, Grey Power Auckland director Bill Rayner says.

"Grey Power will be pressing the Auckland Council to hold a population policy forum to reconsider the ability of the city to cope with an increase of a million more people over the next 25 years," Mr Rayner says.

"Traffic congestion is critical at peak times now and it is very difficult to see how even inspired planning and highly effective infrastructure building can cope with an extra million people in such a short time."

Early talks on intensification for Takapuna and Milford are causing major concern and opposition about the impact on the environment and lifestyles, he says.

"It is just fanciful to expect land and house prices to stop rising when there is such a major expected flow of people into the city."

Schools are already using their playing fields and open space to build new classrooms to cope with role increases, he says.


North Shore Times