Reverse parking illegal

16:00, Jan 30 2013

Reversing into an angled car park? Think again.

Auckland Transport's Mark Hannan says the manoeuvre is illegal but is not a big problem for the city.

The issue was highlighted by New Plymouth woman Jean Richards who was fined after reversing into an angled car park.

She parked in the New Plymouth District Council's Egmont St car park around 12.30pm and returned to find she had been issued a $40 ticket for "incorrect angle parking".

"Most angle parking runs off the direction of the roadway, with these you nose into the space and reverse out of the space, this lets you complete the parking manoeuvre in the lane of traffic. Should the driver reverse angle park, they will interrupt the oncoming lane of traffic upon entry and could cross the centre line to exit the park."

Motorists can also be fined for parallel parking in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic.

"This is a long standing rule applicable across New Zealand."


North Shore Times