High rents hit high-wage earners

High Shore rents are contributing to a big influx of people needing help solving money problems.

The percentage of wages going on rent is causing big headaches for people, North Harbour Budget Services co-ordinator Julia says.

"We have seen an increase in clients who are people on quite reasonable wages finding it tough and need a better handle on where money is going," Julia says.

The cutbacks people make can have an impact on their health because they are eating cheap fatty food or not going to the doctor or dentist, she says.

Back-to-school costs for uniforms and stationery make this a difficult time of year too for some people.

Julia urges people to get advice early about how to budget, save money and avoid debt.

The service offers help to people from Devonport to Orewa and can help people create budgets for up to a year in advance. It can also help negotiate with the companies that people owe money to.

Budgets are prepared for Housing New Zealand applicants and people wanting to withdraw from KiwiSaver due to financial hardship.

Phone Julia on 448 5655 to book an appointment with a budgeting adviser or to volunteer to help.

Go to familybudgeting.org.nz for online information.

North Shore Times