Election signs bylaw

A new bylaw relating to election signs is being proposed.

Auckland Transport wants public feedback on the regulation of hoardings across Auckland for general and local body elections.

Different rules apply across Auckland and this inconsistency can cause confusion and uncertainty for candidates, political parties and the public, Auckland Transport says.

North Shore hoardings have come under fire in the past from both the public and politicians.

In 1995, Albany Residents and Ratepayers Association called for electioneering hoardings to be banned from the 1998 local body elections.

Four years later, former North Shore City Council mayor George Wood, now an Auckland councillor, joined the chorus to ban hoardings.

Police investigated the thefts of a considerable number of election hoardings on the North Shore during the 2008 election.

Auckland Transport, a council controlled-organisation, is proposing standard rules across the city.

The bylaw will allow for elections signs to be displayed on specified public sites visible from the road, private sites and on vehicles.

It proposes specific rules, focused primarily on safety and appropriate use of the road, for matters such as construction strength, where signs can be put, the style of sign, types of vehicles that can display signs and the size of signs, Auckland Transport says.

Signs can be no more than 3 square metres in area.

The proposed bylaws can be viewed at tinyurl.com/SignBylaws. Public feedback closes on February 28.

North Shore Times