Stunt buddies let good times roll

RISK-TAKERS: Unsworth Heights boy Jaden Movold, 8, and Nitro Circus extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron ‘‘Wheelz’’ Fotheringham.
RISK-TAKERS: Unsworth Heights boy Jaden Movold, 8, and Nitro Circus extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron ‘‘Wheelz’’ Fotheringham.

Extreme wheelchair stuntman Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, may have met the next extreme wheelchair prodigy.

Unsworth Heights boy Jaden Movold, 8, was lucky enough to meet his idol Aaron before watching him perform in the Nitro Circus show at North Harbour Stadium.

The pair both have spina bifida and share a common will to defy the boundaries of their wheelchairs.

Jaden aspires to one day perform extreme wheelchair tricks like his Nitro Circus buddy.

Aaron spent an hour with Jaden on February 2 chatting and showing him some beginner tricks.

He removed Jaden's back stabilising wheel so he could have more freedom of movement before teaching him how to do a wheelie.

Mum Lise Baldwin says Aaron has been an inspiration to Jaden for the way he has pursued his dreams despite having spina bifida.

"Not every mother wants their child to be doing extreme stunts like that.

"But Aaron has showed Jaden how important it is to do what you love doing despite being in a wheelchair.

"We are not into wrapping our children in cotton wool. Jaden's got to take risks in life because that's how he'll grow."

Jaden has become a young ambassador for disabled sports and has been involved in the Halberg Trust since he was 3 years old.

"Jaden is a young kid who thinks everything is possible."

He excels in wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, swimming, fishing horseriding and skiing.

Among his many ambitions, Jaden hopes to one day compete in the Paralympics.

"I want to win a gold medal for swimming like Sophie Pascoe," he says.

Once people get to know Jaden they don't see his wheelchair anymore, Ms Baldwin says.

Every six to 12 months Jaden must undergo painful surgery to extend titanium rods in his back to allow for growth.

So far he has had 18 surgeries.

"We try not to anticipate the next surgery because he gets quite anxious about it. We focus on the now and have fun in between," Ms Baldwin says.

In September 2011 Jaden won a trip to Las Vegas where he joined Justin Timberlake and Vanilla Ice on stage.

He was one of hundreds who entered the Money4Jam online competition to raise money through creative performance for StarJam.

His dance performance to an audience of more than 300 people raised more than $6000 for the charity.

Go to and search Jaden Movold for more information.

Check out the video below of Jaden breakdancing:


Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, 21, is an extreme wheelchair athlete who performs as part of the Nitro Circus. He is best known for completing the world's first wheelchair backflip at age 14 and a double backflip four years later. A customised lightweight wheelchair with suspension allows him to perform tricks adapted from BMX and skateboarding. He can also perform front flips, 180 degree aerials, one wheeled spins and rail grinds.

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