Sweethearts celebrate 75 years

20:26, Feb 13 2013
LOVEBIRDS: Albany couple Grace and Sam Huggett celebrated 75 years of marriage on February 12.

High school sweethearts Grace and Sam Huggett were married in 1938, the same year Hitler was named man of the year by Time magazine.

Now, 75 years later, the Albany couple celebrated their wedding anniversary on February 12 by going out to dinner with family.

They met at school and were married in snowy England.

Mrs Huggett was 19 and Mr Huggett, a year older.

The couple, now in their 90s, have five children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild living in Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.

They were married in a registry office and did not go on a honeymoon.


Mr Huggett wore his Royal Air Force uniform and Mrs Huggett was dressed in navy and white.

"We had no celebrations, not like they do today," she says. "In those days we didn't have any money. No-one worried about money then."

The newlyweds moved straight to Kent for Mr Huggett's role as a physical training instructor in the air force.

Mrs Huggett says World War II was "always there in the distance".

Mr Huggett's work meant his family lived all over the world, including Cyprus and Singapore. The travelling made up for not having a honeymoon, Mrs Huggett says, because "life was much like a holiday at times".

They moved to New Zealand in 1971 when Mr Huggett retired to be with their son.

Mrs Huggett says it is the best place they have lived in and asks Mr Huggett: "We've always been happy here, haven't we?"

He says with a smile: "I have to be happy otherwise I'll be in trouble."

The couple say there is no secret to having a long marriage.

"We get on all right together," Mrs Huggett says.

She jokes nobody should be married for 75 years.

"I'll never do it again."

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