Egg on your face? Not with Yolkr

16:00, Feb 14 2013
NO FUSS: For around NZ$30 you’ll never have to worry about separating eggs again.

Hamish Dobbie has come to the rescue of home cooks the world over with his egg separating invention, the Yolkr.

After hearing a friend lament over the frustration of separating eggs for her omelette, the Devonport resident's mind began to dream up something that could simply "suck the yolk out".

As a mechanical engineer with an entrepreneurial streak he began a six-month journey with industrial designer Darin Bogardus.

EGG MASTER: Hamish Dobbie has spent months perfecting the Yolkr.

Countless hours were spent at The Claystore workshop in Devonport to perfect the Yolkr so that the nozzle would extract the yolk without a hitch, every time.

"What looks remarkably simple is the result of a lot of trial and error," Mr Dobbie says.

"The ultimate test was giving the prototype to my 90-year-old grandfather - who has only one eye, wears glasses and shakes somewhat. But he got the yolk out on the first try."


Now the Yolkr is ready for action Mr Dobbie has started a campaign on the fundraising website Kickstarter.

His target of raising £15,000 was achieved in the first five days after his video went online.

With a few weeks still to go the Yolkr has already raised more than £33,000 to go towards the tooling moulds and dyes which would see it become a commercial reality.

Mr Dobbie says the Yolkr has already amassed a huge amount of global support with emails coming in from as far as Japan and the Middle East.

By March, the team hopes to have raised as much money as possible through Kickstarter so they can get as many Yolkrs into the hands of eager cooks as possible.

Visit for more information on the Yolkr.

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