Auckland Transport investigates HOP app

16:00, Feb 18 2013
Devonport-Takapuna Youth Board members
SMART: James Pearce, Jenny Li, Sam Yoon, Kristina Kim and Jack Timings have suggested a smartphone application for HOP card balance checks and top ups to Auckland Transport.

Ever been caught short when trying to catch the bus?

Kristina Kim has.

The 17-year-old Westlake Girls student is a regular user of public transport and Auckland Transport's new AT HOP card.

The HOP card is a prepay transport card which lets users buy bus, train or ferry tickets on board without using cash.

But Kristina says she often does not know her HOP card balance and does not have enough coins to pay the fare.

Her fellow Devonport-Takapuna Youth Board members - James Pearce, Jenny Li, Sam Yoon and Jack Timings - have had similar experiences and all agreed an application for iPhones and other devices would solve the issue.


Checking the HOP card balance on your phone before using public transport would save time, Jenny, 17, says.

James, 16, says text message notifications about HOP card balance would also help.

Top up machines at major transport stations, such as Smales Farm, were also mooted by the youth board.

The board took its ideas to Auckland Transport's regional public transport hearing at Smales Farm where chairman Mike Lee commended them for proactive and fresh ideas.

The youth board says the application should be free and wireless internet should be available at transport hubs.

Mr Lee says Auckland Transport will investigate the idea.

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