Have a say on health and public safety bylaws

Public views are being sought on new bylaws for health and hygiene and public safety and nuisance issues in public places.

Both bylaws will replace the 11 different sets of rules inherited from legacy councils.

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are seeking feedback on draft public safety and nuisance bylaws aimed at minimising nuisance, obstructive or unsafe activities in public places. Rules will apply to public places, including parks, beaches, roads and public transport infrastructure and come into effect in late 2013.

Two bylaws are required to ensure that the same rules will apply in the areas controlled by Auckland Council, such as parks and beaches, and the roads and public transport looked after by Auckland Transport.

The bylaws are intended to control safety issues and inappropriate behaviour and cover obstructions and damage to public places.

Auckland Council is also seeking feedback on a new health and hygiene bylaw and code of practice.

This covers commercial services such as tattooing, body piercing, hair removal, indoor tanning and nail services. Auckland Council says the proposed rules will cover some types of businesses that are outside existing bylaws but fewer will need to be licensed in the future.

Proposals include:

Operators of services that pierce or risk breaking the skin, and possibly drawing blood, will need to comply with the bylaw and the manager will need to obtain a Health Protection Licence.

Minimum standards for services that risk burning skin such as sun beds and laser treatments.

Submissions to the new bylaws close on March 15 at 4pm.

Go to aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/bylaws for information and to make a submission on the proposed bylaw. A copy of the draft bylaw and submission form can also be found at libraries, service centres and local board offices or phone 301 0101.

North Shore Times