Cracks leave commuters stranded

01:40, Feb 26 2013

Waiheke and Devonport commuters were delayed this morning after cracks were found in the exhaust system of one of the largest ferry vessels operating on the Waitemata Harbour.

Fullers says upon start up this morning cracks were found in the bellows of the Superflyte vessel's exhaust system.

The vessel was taken out of service until commuter runs had ended.

A Fullers spokesperson says maintenance crews were called immediately and proceeded with repairs to get the vessel back on the run as soon as possible.

"With Superflyte being out of commission, this had a flow on effect of having to use other vessels to continue with the Waiheke commuter runs."

The Devonport vessel servicing the 7.15,7.45 and 8.15am runs was then used to pick up Waiheke commuters.

It is unknown how many passengers were affected.

According to the Fullers website, the Superflyte is the largest vessel in its fleet.


North Shore Times