Bye week great time to recharge

Thomas Abercrombie
Thomas Abercrombie

After a refreshing bye last week it's good to be back into the swing of things and getting ready for another home game.

Bye weeks never seem to fall at the right time but in this case I think it was a great chance for us all on the SkyCity Breakers roster to get some rest and get ready for the final sprint home to the playoffs.

Our very generous coaching staff gave us three days off last week with no game on the schedule and we practiced hard every other day including a heated scrimmage on Friday morning.

Having some time off like that is rare at this stage of the season so it was nice to do some things away from basketball.

I managed to get out for a surf at Bethells Beach. Thankfully it was a very timid day on the West Coast and whilst I may be fit for basketball, being fit for paddling out the back is another thing.

I also sneaked out for a little fishing and I can safely say the fish stocks did not suffer as a result of my time on the water, with nothing to show for our efforts.

On the basketball front, Will Hudson continues to work hard on his rehab and is getting better every day.

Without Will we have been a bit light on our "bigs" at practice so it's provided a great chance for some guys to experience what it's like down low.

Leon Henry has been practicing very well in the four spot so expect to see him play even more in that spot tonight.

Everyone else continues to work hard to try and fill the gap left by Will.

He has been doing a fantastic job for us this year and has really found a great role within the team so making up for that will take a team effort.

Tonight we are back at Vector Arena and it's looking like another sell-out.

It's so great to see all of you turning up to support us week-in, week-out and the atmosphere at our home games has been electric.

So get your tickets if you haven't done so already and I'll see you there.

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