600 bed retirement village set for Lake Rd

The 4.2 hectare site on Ngataringa Rd, Devonport, Auckland where the six-storey Ryman Healthcare retirement village is ...

The 4.2 hectare site on Ngataringa Rd, Devonport, Auckland where the six-storey Ryman Healthcare retirement village is planned.

A controversial proposal for a 600-plus bed retirement village constructed on an archeological site in Devonport will soon be sent to Auckland Council for resource consent, with resident submissions closing on October 13.

The Ryman Healthcare retirement village proposed for 7-37 Ngataringa Rd, Devonport, will include six buildings occupying a site of 4.2 hectares, with the tallest standing 6 storeys tall, including 269 car parks.

The resource consent application from Ryman Healthcare asks for exemption from: restrictions on building in a Coastal Conservation Area, the excavation and disturbance of a heritage site, the removal of trees, and the generation of more than 100 vehicle movements per day.

Since plans for the proposal first emerged in 2013, resident objection to the large scale retirement village has been fierce.

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"The bulk and height of this development will totally dominate the beautiful marine environment and there are environmental impacts that are very severe," Devonport resident Lindsay Brock says.

"Lake Rd is also already a nightmare and there has to be a lot of work done before anything this size can add to it."

The Ryman Healthcare development on Ngataringa Rd directly connects with Lake Rd, one of the most congested roads in Auckland.

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member Dianne Hale says there are are numerous logistic issues with the construction of the Ryman development.

"We're all concerned about the impact on Lake Rd because there's a huge problem there now which will clearly be aggravated," Hale says.

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"There is concern at the size, the bulk of it, the appearance. I feel that the design certainly could be a lot better, it's quite bulky and harsh from what I've seen to date."

A Facebook page opposing the development called "Ngataringa Bay Retirement Village Development" was created by long-time Devonport resident Iain Rea on September 20 has since attracted 240 members.

"I think the council recognises that Devonport has unique characteristics and is a unique community and is mindful there are things there worth preserving," Rea says.

"It's certainly not about NIMBY-ism, it's about supporting the community."

One particular resident objection to the Ryman development is construction will include the demolition of an archaeological site - the former Duder Brickworks established in 1875.

"The Duder Brickworks, they want to destroy them, you just don't destroy an archaeological site," Lindsay Brock says.

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