Sharing the magic of the tango

17:00, Jul 17 2013
John and Felicity Flower
TANGO TWOSOME: John and Felicity Flower perform an improvised tango piece at Birkenhead College.

The passion with which tango extraordinaires John and Felicity Flower dance is not just for show.

The New Zealand Argentine Stage Tango Champions have been married three years having first met on the dance floor.

Mrs Flower says she was introduced to John as a student at one of his classes around 13 years ago.

The couple has since represented New Zealand several times at the World Stage Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

On July 9 Mrs Flower returned to her former school Birkenhead College for a special performance with her husband to celebrate Argentine Independence Day.

The performance was part of the build-up to the Auckland Tango Festival to be held from October 5 to 6.


Mr and Mrs Flower run their own classes, having both come from extensive dance backgrounds.

Mr Flower has more than 35 years experience that began with figure skating where he was a gold level ice dance champion.

From the age of 3 Mrs Flower trained in ballet, tap and jazz before finding her true passion in Argentine tango.

"It offers a lot of freedom, it is a very creative and organic dance."

They are enthusiastic about promoting the artform in New Zealand and will be holding free beginner workshops at the Auckland Tango Festival later this year.

"If you can walk you can tango," Mrs Flower says.

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