A match made in sci-fi heaven

16:00, Nov 21 2013
Dalek Lovers
MY DALEK: Doctor Who fan Paul Scoones met his wife Rochelle through an obsession with the sci-fi series.

Daleks and doctors entered Paul Scoones' life when he was just six.

The Doctor Who show terrified him but he dared himself to watch it and was hooked.

This year the show turns 50 and Mr Scoones, now a Doctor Who expert, speaks at Takapuna Library on Monday to celebrate the milestone.

The Takapuna resident is the New Zealand fan club president of the series and writes information subtitles for BBC's Doctor Who DVDs.

His book The Comic Strip Companion: 1964-1979 is a detailed guide to the early years of Doctor Who in comic strips.

Mr Scoones started collecting memorabilia aged 11 and the only Doctor Who-free zone in his house is the lounge.

Marrying a fellow Doctor Who fan didn't help because wife Rochelle's collection competes for space.

The couple runs the sci-fi collectables shop RetroSpace NZ in Takapuna. A display of their Doctor Who memorabilia is also in Takapuna Library this month, including a life sized Dalek.


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