Top student is a real high flier

16:00, Nov 27 2013
Andrew Vialoux
TOP FLIGHT: Ex-Rangitoto College pupil Andrew Vialoux, 21, is Massey University’s top aviation student.

Andrew Vialoux flew remote control helicopters as a teenager, now he is taking to the skies for real.

The ex-Rangitoto College student won four of the top 10 awards at the Massey University Wings ceremony.

Mr Vialoux, 21, was "a bit speechless really" to be named the most outstanding student and also win the Academic Award, Aviation Systems Award and Navigation Award.

Playing with radio-controlled aircraft as a 15-year-old and watching his mum work towards her pilot's licence at North Shore Aero Club inspired him to pick his career.

"I went up with her and got hooked," Mr Vialoux says.

The Wings ceremony marks the end of the flight-training component of the Bachelor of Aviation, where students receive their professional pilot's licence. Mr Vialoux plans to train as a flight instructor and build up his flying hours before becoming a commercial pilot.


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