Internet kills the video store

16:00, Dec 09 2013
Civic Milford
VIDEO STORES: ‘‘How long has the industry got?’’ asks Mark Daulton whose Milford store is closing

Whipping in to the video store to grab a few movies will soon be just a memory for Milford shoppers.

The shopping area's only movie rental store, Civic Video, is closing.

Mark Daulton, the owner of the Milford franchise, says the store on the corner of Kitchener Rd and Dodson Ave, has recently been operating between a "loss and break-even".

Mr Daulton, who until last year also owned the Sunnynook Civic Video, says constant discounting and rising fixed-costs has made a tough business tougher.

"You just can't make any money anymore, especially if you're part of a franchise," Mr Daulton says.

"It's a combination of Sky Television, online rentals, etc, a whole lot of stuff really," he says.


A shift to online distribution of movies and video games have seen a decline in physical movie rentals.

In November, American video rental giant Blockbuster announced that it will shortly close all its stores.

Mr Daulton, who bought the Milford store in 2006, says he hopes to raise some cash selling-off the Milford store's stock before it closes on Friday.

"I'm just looking at getting everybody paid and moving on," he says.

Until recently, the store employed six to eight staff, but four remain, he says.

Milford resident Dominic Smith says the closure could also affect other businesses nearby, especially takeaway restaurants.

"It just takes one or two key establishments to close and it may have a knock-on affect," he says.

Often, before choosing a movie, he would "drop in to the Countdown or if it was takeaway night, the fish and chip shop," Mr Smith says.

An Indian restaurant will take over the lease when the video shop closes.

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