Road bumps ineffective - residents

16:00, Jan 08 2014

Speed bumps on a road known to be a "raceway" have not made it safer, residents say.

A set of five speed bumps was put into Oaktree Ave, Browns Bay last year.

Resident John Fleming says he would rather have everything back the way it was.

"The buses go just as fast as they always have and the boy racers race between the humps."

This creates a noise problem of constant braking and accelerating, he says.

"It's one step forward, one step back."


Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan says the scheme is working well.

"While we understand that there will be slight delays and discomfort for general traffic it is considered that the positive benefits outweigh these concerns."

Auckland Transport found vehicles travelled at an average speed of 58kmh in each direction in Oaktree Ave and 33 crashes were recorded in the past five years. More than half of those were caused by excessive speed and two resulted in injuries.

Jenny Wilson has lived in the street for more than 20 years and says the speed bumps are a godsend because Oaktree Ave is known to be a raceway.

The bumps allow buses to travel straight over them, while cars must slow down as one side of the vehicle goes over the bump. The design avoids any discomfort to passengers or delay to bus services, Mr Hannan says.

Mr Fleming says he does not understand why there are different rules for buses.

"They're the same, if not bigger risk, than cars."

Mr Hannan says Auckland Transport engineers will review the shape and height of the speed bumps, .

Mr Fleming is also concerned about the extra wear and tear on vehicles and says the bumps penalise people who live on the road.

Auckland Transport consulted 146 residents about the plan.

It received 18 responses, 11 in support, two neutral and five opposed.

Residents have since carried out their own survey, including side streets. They produced 400 fliers and received 78 responses, 10 in support from Oaktree Ave, eight opposed from Oaktree Ave and 60 opposed from the side streets.

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