Scots author delves into Maori culture

16:00, Jan 09 2014
Tom Shiels
CULTURAL COLLABORATION: Scotsman Tom Shiels has released a series of electronic books, which take in both Scottish and Maori culture.

Maori and Scottish culture are being bound together in a new book.

Scotsman and author Tom Shiels says the two share many values, such as loyalty and a great appreciation for family.

A clan or hierarchy system is prevalent in both, with chiefs being important figures, Mr Shiels says.

Now the Beach Haven man hopes to bring the cultures together through a fictional story about a Scottish family and a Maori family.

It will be another title to his name, as he has already self-published several stories on online retailer Amazon.

Mr Shiels says he has written more than 40 short stories, all originals, which he used to tell as bedtime stories to his children.


Sometimes he would forget details, he says, so his daughter encouraged him to write them down.

Mr Shiels joined two writers' groups and says it saw him develop his stories in more detail.

But it proved hard work getting published, he says, as he competed against talented New Zealand writers.

Publishing his stories online became a more viable option. He was helped by his son Iain, who is based in Britain.

One of his titles, a 55-page children's book The Magic Road, is about five sons taking a journey of self-discovery, Mr Shiels says.

The Scots-Maori book is still being developed, but Mr Shiels hopes to publish it online in the near future.

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