Transit lane tickets issued

Motorists being stung for using "empty" transit lanes is "blatant revenue gathering", one driver says.

A camera catching people in breach of transit lane rules on Onewa Rd began the week of January 6. Cars with three or more passengers are allowed to use T3 lanes.

Monitoring was stopped over Christmas and New Year.

Northcote Pt motorist David Holton says he was ticketed about $180 last year for breaking T3 lane rules and expects to get another this year.

He says he rarely travels Onewa Rd at peak travel time but last Thursday he, without thinking, drove down the T3 lane on the way to work.

No-one else was in the lane and traffic was flowing freely, Mr Holton says.

Mr Holton's son was also a passenger in the car, he says.

If he is ticketed, Mr Holton says he will consider contesting it as it's "blatant revenue gathering".

Auckland Transport says the days of the Christmas shutdown is over, with more people returning to work earlier after the holidays.

Onewa Rd traffic volume has hit 70 per cent of what it usually is throughout the year, spokesman Mark Hannan says.

"If there was no traffic, why did the person make the conscious decision to use the transit lane?"

Onewa Rd is regularly watched for transit lane breaches and the lane is clearly marked, he says.

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