Scammers reported

16:00, Jan 27 2014

Foreign scammers are masquerading as a children's charity to con people into making over-the-phone donations.

The Child Cancer Foundation has received reports that scammers are calling people falsely claiming to be collecting money for the charity.

The callers are described as having foreign accents and seem to be ringing from a call centre environment as other voices can be overheard in the background.

Child Cancer Foundation acting chief executive Simon Lala says it is disappointing that anyone would take advantage of children in their time of need.

"That anyone could action such a scam for personal financial gain is baffling.

"Such actions are a sad indictment on some individuals."


Police have been notified and urge people to report any suspicious calls on the website Scamwatch at

The Child Cancer Foundation supports children and their families who have experienced or are experiencing cancer.

The annual appeal month is due to begin in March with the Beads of Courage collection day on March 21.

Go to for more information.

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