Genius stroke of art

16:00, Feb 04 2014
TRADITIONAL TOUCH: Tutor Seung-jae Yu with some of the Wairau calligraphy group’s Chinese and Korean work.

Chinese and Korean calligraphy art is connecting new fans with old traditions.

Seung-jae Yu has been learning the intensive art of calligraphy after his father recommended the practice to him in the 1940s.

Now the 72-year-old tutors a calligraphy group at the Hanouri Church in Wairau.

Members practise the Chinese and Korean calligraphy they were taught when they were younger, Mr Yu says.

Discipline and patience are learned through the art and are signs of elegance, he says.

The calligraphy group exhibited its work at the Mairangi Bay Arts Centre in January, celebrating the year of the horse on the Chinese lunar calendar.

"The brush art will make it easier to understand and enjoy traditional Asian culture, enhance the wider community's diversity in cultural mix and help New Zealand become much friendlier with the Asian community," he says.

Members come from across the North Shore, as well as Royal Heights, West Harbour, Henderson, Mt. Albert and Henderson, Mr Yu says.

"It is wonderful to see this ancient art is still enjoyable."


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