Building sites targeted

16:00, Feb 06 2014

The housing boom is attracting thieves to building sites, leaving tradesmen and home owners out of pocket.

Police have issued a warning after tools, materials and appliances were stolen from sites in the Torbay, Northcote and Takapuna areas.

North Shore area commander Inspector Shanan Gray says the thefts appear to be taking place overnight or during the weekends.

Police are investigating whether they are linked.

"A recent example we had was a house that was nearly finished but wasn't at the stage where it could be locked up. The entire kitchen appliance package was delivered and someone broke in and stole a number of the appliances," Mr Gray says.

Among the stolen items are a couple of fridges, he says although their value is unknown.


"Thieves will take any opportunity you can give them.

"There's nothing more frustrating for a tradesman than to have the things they use to make a living pinched from them.

"Make sure your tools are in a secure place or take them with you," he says.

Police advise home owners and project managers not to get items delivered until properties are secure.

Anyone who notices suspicious activity around construction and building sites, especially after hours, is asked to call police immediately.

North Shore Times