Police warn residents of dodgy door knocking

16:00, Feb 13 2014

Door knockers pretending to be from power companies are causing concern on the North Shore.

Police have received at least three reports of men approaching Glenfield and Beach Haven residents claiming to be from Contact or Meridian Energy.

In one instance a man posing as a Contact Energy worker took a resident's Genesis Energy bill and said he would return with a better electricity quote.

Glenfield police Constable Grant Kenny says the culprits do not have the usual employee identification.

Mr Kenny is warning homeowners to stay on high alert.

"Don't be afraid to ask people who come to your home and claim to be service providers for ID.


"Genuine people will not be offended and will show you their accreditation," he says.

Mr Kenny says it is wise to lock the door if you have to pop back into your house to get something.

The alleged conmen are described as two caucasians in their mid to late 20s.

A young Indian man has been reported to be acting alone in a similar incident.

Mr Kenny has posted a warning on his community constable Facebook page.

On February 4 a man posted a comment saying his father-in-law, a Birkdale resident, received a suspicious phone call he believes may be related. "He said a woman phoned and asked, in broken English, ‘we are a maintenance company and in Verbena Rd, do you need any maintenance?'.

"Before he could ask the company or any questions she hung up on him."

The man says the phone line was echoing as if the caller was just outside.

"I told him that maybe people were trying to case if he was home or not."

Call police on 477 5000 if you are concerned about suspicious behaviour around your home.

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