Knitted knockers a purler

20:45, Feb 23 2014
Woolen Boobs
KNITTING GRANS: Torbay grandmothers Christina Kilfoyle, left, and Marie Hindmarsh are knitting woollen boobs to serve as an alternative to prosthetics for women who have undergone mastectomies.

A pair of grandmothers are knitting woollen boobs in a shift away from their usual beanies and cardigans.

Torbay women Marie Hindmarsh and Christina Kilfoyle started the group Knocker Knitters about three weeks ago and have already produced more than 17 of the woollen mammaries for the North Shore Hospital Breast Cancer Clinic.

Mrs Hindmarsh says they serve as an alternative to prosthetics for women who have had mastectomies.

The products are made from wool and stuffed with polyfill.

They are a lighter and softer replacement and spread to fit, making for a realistic look under clothing.

"But psychologically, more than anything, they are great," Mrs Kilfoyle says.


"If you walk out of hospital minus one boob you can still have confidence and self-esteem."

The women are calling on other knitters to join them in making more for the North Shore Hospital Breast Cancer Clinic.

The idea was sparked by a post on the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Facebook page.

"It is popular in Canada and the United States so we thought we would give it a go," Mrs Hindmarsh says.

The pair had a good laugh knitting the quirky shapes, Mrs Kilfoyle says.

"I had them all lined up on my window sill.

"My husband said to me, ‘what are you knitting so many beanies for'?"

Mrs Hindmarsh says she sometimes gets a bit tongue-tied with the name of the group, but is all in good humour.

"I was saying knicker knotters at one stage and thought hang on a minute."

The knitters are happy to provide the pattern to anyone who's keen to help and they will stuff the woollen prosthesis once it is complete.

Mrs Hindmarsh says anyone who can knit and purl can make a knitted knocker.

Call Marie on 473 5888 or Christina on 473 6622 if you want to get involved.

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