Dreadlocks on the block

16:00, Feb 26 2014
Peter Ashcroft
HAIR TODAY: Beach Haven man Peter Ashcroft, 44, is having his dreadlocks cut off in support of the Child Cancer Foundation.

Peter Ashcroft's dreadlocks are older than many of the children he is fundraising for.

The Beach Haven man, 44, also known as Dread Peter, has promised to chop off his 12-year-old dreadlocks to support the Child Cancer Foundation.

"They have become part of my identity," he says.

Peter Ashcroft
DREAD JOURNEY: Peter Ashcroft, 44, says at one point his dreadlocks reached right down to his waist.

"I don't think either of my youngest two daughters even remember me without them."

Losing them will be a sombre occasion, Mr Ashcroft says, but the least he can do for young Kiwi battlers going through cancer.

"I feel it's just criminal that children go through such a horrible experience so young."


A fundraising page shows more than $1000 has so far been raised.

And donors are now calling for Mr Ashcroft's beard to go as well.

"Anything I can do to help kids be kids, that's why I like the Child Cancer Foundation .

"They are not trying to fix the kids, that's not their job, they're trying to make a horrid experience less horrid."

Three New Zealand families are struck with a child cancer diagnosis every week.

The Child Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the impact of cancer by offering support services, including fun events, resources, financial assistance and advocacy, to children and their families.

Mr Ashcroft's dreadlocks once reached his belt and took more than six hours to dry after he washed them.

He has relaxed the regular trimming and waxing maintenance in anticipation of the big chop.

■ Go to aucklandnorthlandfunrazor. everydayhero.com/nz/dread-peter-razing to donate. 

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