Thieves are opportunists

North Shore police are urging residents to keep their houses secure, even if they're at home.

The warm summer months have seen an increase in burglaries where thieves are sneaking into open houses while the owners are in the backyard or a different room.

North Shore area commander Inspector Shanan Gray says burglars are often opportunists who will duck inside an open door to see what they can find.

"Yes, people should be able to leave their own front door open when they're at home, but the reality is that it will only take a moment for some dishonest person to sneak in and steal your wallet, iPhone or MP3 player."

Police say homeowners should lock front doors and windows if they are planning to spend time in the backyard.

Fishing gear, bicycles and children's motorbikes have all been pinched from open garages this summer.

Mr Gray says a few simple checks can prevent this from happening.

"Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home, and knowing that a thief has been lurking inside your house is a horrible feeling."

North Shore Times