Beach party bonfire engulfs Kennedy Park trees

16:00, Mar 12 2014
Kennedy Park Fire
UP IN FLAMES: East Coast Bays firefighters put out a fire in Castor Bay.

A beach party came to a dramatic end in Castor Bay after a bonfire spread to nearby bush.

One witness was at the beach with her son and his friend about 5pm on March 8.

She says the party was in full swing with people playing music, dancing, juggling and sitting on the sand.

"The DJ kept a little voiceover going during the music and next thing I heard him say ‘fire! Fire! Everybody say fire!' I assumed it was just part of the music, but a few minutes later I looked up and sure enough the bush above the party was ablaze."

She says the partygoers tried to put out the flames with water bottles before calling emergency services.

East Coast Bays station officer Athol Conway says the group was burning driftwood on the beach when the flames spread to trees in Kennedy Park. It took 30 minutes to put out.


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