Bus shelter idea revisited

16:00, Mar 12 2014
ROADBLOCK: Bayswater resident Tom Wong-Kam stands in the spot where a proposed Auckland Transport bus shelter would be installed.

A bus shelter rejected by the former North Shore City Council because it would be hazardous to traffic is back on the agenda.

Auckland Transport is proposing to put in a 4.6 square-metre bus shelter at 187 Bayswater Ave.

Tom Wong-Kam has lived next door for 48 years and says he is concerned that when he's driving the bus shelter will obscure his vision of children who shoot past his property on scooters and bikes.

Auckland Transport says the shelter will be 1.5m from 185 Bayswater Ave - Mr Wong-Kam's driveway.

In 2004 a bus shelter for the same spot was mooted, Mr Wong-Kam says.

It was rejected by a North Shore council traffic engineer because of the "impact on pedestrians using the footpath and on drivers exiting the adjacent property".


Ten years later, Mr Wong-Kam has been asked to make a submission about the proposed bus shelter - again.

He says a shelter is is needed in winter but the spot is wrong.

Further down, towards Bayswater Primary School's sports fields, would be more appropriate, he says.

The shelter is still being reviewed, with feedback from Devonport-Takapuna Local Board due mid-March.

The board requested the shelter last term, Auckland Transport says. Despite paperwork supplied by affected residents which documents safety concerns with the 2004 proposal, "there are no plans showing what the actual shelter location was".

"Consequently, Auckland Transport cannot comment on the similarities or differences between the two proposals," spokesman Mark Hannan says.

"The stop is well-located to provide a connection point between bus passengers transferring from Lake Rd services to bus services that connect to the Bayswater ferry, because it is only a short distance for them to walk."

If the stop was located further towards the school it would be too close to the next bus stop.

Auckland Transport's traffic engineers say the shelter would be in a safe and appropriate location.

It will not obstruct visibility "because the end of the driveway . . . is more than 2m in front of the proposed shelter".

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