Keep the camp says veteran broadcaster's wife

16:00, Mar 17 2014
Sharon Deaker
FOR EVERYONE: Sharon Deaker wants council to keep open the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park.

Sharon Deaker can't understand why anyone would want to sell a treasured holiday spot.

The wife of veteran sports broadcaster Murray Deaker says she's "dismayed and annoyed" that the future of the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park is still under threat.

Mrs Deaker believes a faction of the local board and council is determined to sell off the land no matter what.

"What gives them the right to give away this land to elite yachting?"

"It's the people's land, not the council's," she says.

She believes Takapuna can keep the motorcamp while housing Yachting New Zealand's administration in one of the suburb's vacant commercial properties.


"The administration doesn't have to be on the beach," she says.

And any extra yachts used in increasing training programmes could be housed around the existing Takapuna Boating Club, she says.

The Deakers who have lived in a townhouse overlooking Takapuna Beach since 1997, have never had a problem with the nearby motorcamp.

"We've lived close to the camp for years with no disturbances," Mrs Deaker says.

She grew-up in the Bay of Islands and has fond memories of staying in the holiday camp during visits to Takapuna with her father, Snow.

Mrs Deaker (nee Ayton) and her two sisters stayed in the motorcamp during the 1950s while their father bought new season fabric and clothing stock off Auckland wholesalers.

She says any shift to replace the motorcamp with a yachting centre is designed to, "appease and satisfy local businessmen's egos."

"We just can't roll-over on this one," she says.

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