Taggers strike during storm

16:00, Mar 20 2014
NASTY SURPRISE: One of the cars tagged in Browns Bay during the height of the storm.

While most people were sheltering inside during the storm brought on by Cyclone Lusi, Browns Bay was vandalised overnight.

Houses, cars, walls, signs, generators, and even a boat up a driveway were all heavily graffitied during the night of March 15 to 16.

Resident Jessica Winquist says the tagging was spread from Oaktree Ave and Hollyhock Pl to Glencoe Rd.

"The extent of the vandalism was shocking, especially for Browns Bay."

She says the area has had boy racers and very minor incidents of tagging before, but nothing like this.

Miss Winquist used a whole bottle of acetone getting the graffiti off her white car, which is still covered in grey marks.

"It's the last thing you'd expect to happen during a cyclone."


North Shore Times