Crossing a trap: Parents

16:00, Mar 31 2014

Parents are calling for change over a "dangerous" pedestrian crossing after a child was hit walking home from school.

A Campbells Bay Primary School student was hit by a car on the crossing on East Coast Rd between Aberdeen and Kenmure roads about 3.20pm on March 17.

The car had overtaken another vehicle that had stopped to let the child cross.

Parent Sam Biagio it is the latest in a series of "frightening" incidents.

She lives nearby and says screeching tyres are not a strange noise anymore.

"People travel down that road at alarming speeds and ignore the crossing and something has to be done to make it safer for our children."


In the past boy racers have crashed off the road into properties and a person flipped their car onto its roof, she says.

Principal John McGowan emailed parents to let them know about the incident.

"Very fortunately the child only received a small cut to his elbow but was understandably very shaken," he says.

The student was back at school the day after the accident.

Mr McGowan is following up with police and Auckland Transport to see if changes can be made to make the crossing easier for motorists to see.

"However, given the way some people drive there is always some risk when crossing a road, especially a busy thoroughfare such as East Coast Rd."

North Shore Times