Peaches proves pigs are smart

20:14, Apr 07 2014
Opal Little and Georgia Houten
PORKY PAL: Albany Senior High School students Opal Little and Georgia Houten, both 15, with Peaches the pig.

An eight-week-old pig adopted off TradeMe will soon be fronting an animal welfare campaign at a number of Auckland schools.

Opal Little and Georgia Houten, both 15, have named the kune kune pig Peaches and are training her to accompany them around pre and primary schools where they plan to discuss issues including factory farming.

"We want to show people that pigs are really smart," Opal says. "They're not just food, they can be pets."

The girls might have a tough job on that count - boys at Albany Senior High School, where they are both pupils, have already nicknamed the pig Bacon.

"Kids always make comments about her being food. Hopefully we can change that," Opal says.

The friends are planning  the exercise as part of their own school project  and training Peaches in a bid to get her more accustomed to human interaction.


The pig spends a week with each of the girls and sometimes accompanies Opal to school on the bus.

She can sometimes be seen eating popcorn in the back of a science class and is exercised around the grounds on a lead during breaks.

Peaches already weighs in at 18.5kgs and was put on a  diet after gaining 3kgs in just one week.

She is almost completely blind but can sit, twirl, weave through legs and is learning how to lie down.

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