An Oasis of teen talent

17:00, Apr 07 2014
Ronny Couling
FUTURE STAR: Ronny Couling, 17, spends evenings making music in the hut in his Browns Bay backyard.

Ronny Couling wasn't born when Oasis released its first album, but he might be the band's biggest fan.

The 17-year-old Long Bay College student was inspired to pick up his guitar for the first time in years by idol Noel Gallagher.

"If you ask anyone about me and Oasis they'll say: ‘Oh no, don't start'," he says.

The band also forms a link between Ronny and his dad who lives in the United Kingdom, who is also a huge fan.

"It was a way to feel connected to him," Ronny says.

He likes how Oasis is just the band and their instruments, unlike some of today's "fake" music.


Earlier this month Ronny came second in the Speakers Got Talent competition in Browns Bay, his first gig. Audience members sang along to his original songs written over the past two years.

"There's a rush of euphoria that someone is singing something you wrote. It just gives you goosebumps," Ronny says.

The budding musician writes and plays music every night, heading to the hut in his backyard when everyone else goes to bed.

Ronny has appeared in television Shortland Street, Go Girls, Jono and Ben at 10 and Power Rangers.

He also put on a stand-up comedy show for Long Bay College's talent quest.

Ronny wants to take a gap year to work and travel before applying to drama school.

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