Vandals splash out in very worst sense

17:00, Apr 14 2014
Jason Parkes
SEEING RED: Jason Parkes, right, and his crew spent an entire morning cleaning-up red paint.

Greenhithes's new skate park has been hit by vandals before it's even opened.

The $150,000 facility is just weeks away from opening, but already sports an ugly paint stain.

Late on April 18 vandals entered Collins Park, jumped the site's security fence and flung litres of bright red enamel paint on the concrete.

park vandalism
PARK STRIFE: The enamel paint splattered all over freshly laid concrete will need a specialist clean-up team to remove, says Parkes.

Jason Parkes, who owns the Premium Skate Park company building the park, says someone tried to break the lock on the site's shipping container too.

Locals told him a group of teenagers were spotted climbing on the container.

Parkes, a former competitive skateboarder who travels around New Zealand building skate parks, can't understand the vandals' behaviour.


"I never did anything like this as a kid," he says.

His construction crew spent an entire morning cleaning up the paint, but a council graffiti clean-up team will also be needed, he says.

Upper Harbour Local Board member Lisa Whyte is "gutted' anyone would try to wreck the park.

"We've been through a long process with this park and I'm so disappointed that someone's gone and spilt a tin of paint. It seems really petty," she says.

"Greenhithe has had more than its fair share of vandalism issues."

The suburb has experienced a string of thefts, vandalism and arson attacks in the last 12 months.

Upper Harbour Board chairman Brian Neeson believes a "particular group of people" are behind the incidents.

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