Dare to be yourself says young songwriter

16:00, Mar 16 2011
Art Beat
EMERGENCY TALENT: Singer-songwriter Alex de Vries is inspired by performers such as Freddy Mercury, Lady GaGa and Ke$ha

We should all be accepted for who we are, Rosmini teenager Alex de Vries says.

The South African-born singer and songwriter wrote his single Camp as a response to peers who sometimes call him "camp".

Going by the stage name Alex-David de Vine, he performed his show No Camping at the PumpHouse in Takapuna which starred him in a variety of personas influenced by flamboyant stage performers like Freddie Mercury.

The 16-year-old describes his sound as cookie-cutter bubblegum pop. It's very fun and entertaining, he says.

One of his biggest influences is Lady Gaga.

"I'm a very intense follower.


"She inspired me to be myself."

Alex says he is not gay but he has put up with hurtful comments in the past.

He says ultimately you have to be true to yourself – not all men are gym buffs and you shouldn't have to change to fit into society.

Alex's music reflects his personality as a fun-loving, deep and insightful character.

He has written enough songs to fill an album but his first goal is to get together a few thousand dollars to record his single Camp.

He even has a manager, fellow Rosmini College student Samuel Westley, 17.

One day the Glenfield resident hopes to see his name in lights.

But that won't come through luck but by hard work, he says.

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