March on Wellington

20:12, Apr 25 2012
PAINTED: Rick Pickering removes graffiti painted last week, from a Kerikeri Irrigation shed at the Kerikeri crossroads. The messages painted in large letters on the pump shed included `` No mining, no asset sales'' and ``NZ not for sale''.

A hikoi for everyone concerned about the Government selling New Zealand's assets, land and resources is on its way to Wellington.

The Aotearoa is Not for Sale hikoi was initiated by northern tribal elders at te Rerenga Wairua-Cape Reinga.

It is about standing up and sending a clear message that the people, the land, what's under the land and what's built on it is not for sale.

"Most New Zealanders don't want our public assets, resources and farm land sold to private investors," a statement says.

"It is not in our interests to put our future in the hands of a few large foreign companies whose primary goal and self-interest in profit undermines what is good for the country we live in and love."

Key issues are:


Privatisation of state owned assets – such as electricity companies, Air NZ and prisons.

Sale of natural resources – the Government's plans to expand deep sea oil mining and fracking is seen as a form of public resource plunder in the asset sales regime.

Overseas land sales – Crafar farms: Large multinationals owning swathes of high value production land.

Fears that the Government's negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will result in control of the country, driven by concessions to the American economy – and overseas corporations.

As the Chronicle goes to press the march is set to leave Kororipo Pa for the Far North District Council offices in central Kerikeri for an anti-mining demonstration.

The hikoi will pass through Whangarei on its way to Auckland for a rally on Saturday at Victoria Park.

Later it will feed into a large protest up Queen St in Auckland.

Demonstrations will take place town by town for two weeks as the hikoi moves towards Wellington, where a week of protest activities will highlight each of the key issues, day by day.

The focus will also be on preventing damage to clean green New Zealand through oil spills, poisoned land and water from fracking and toxic mine waste for a short-term economic gain.

There's an open invitation to participate.


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